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Creativity Club – February

February saw the launch of our Creativity Club for budding writers and artists in our student community. We have been so impressed by this month’s creativity!

The theme was: What does this New Year, 2019, mean to you?

‘Fish’ – by Shiki, age 14, Malaysian student homeschooling in India.

Thank you Shiki for this beautiful image which has strong feeling and vibrant energy for the year ahead! In China the fish is a sign of good luck and abundance, which may resonate. Water is one of the main elements that makes up everything in this world. Water is considered the element of the unconscious and associated with intuition and emotion, which is what this piece of art expresses to me. Let us know your own comments on each piece at the end of the article!

Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in the future of education, stresses the importance of “seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are and seeing our children for the hope that they are. We need to educate their whole being.”

A more creative school system is the best way forwards in terms of developing the whole student. With that in mind, one of our hard working English Literature students has sent us this moving essay on how she feels about the year ahead:

Twenty Nineteen

by Hannah, age 18, Malaysia

Nineteen: the sequence 2019 is known as an odd number in maths, which simply means that the value of it cannot be evenly divided by two. But because maths is a subject that doesn’t allow me to associate meaning with numbers, it’s a word I take in apprehensively, disbelievingly. In less than a month, I will be nineteen years of age, and I don’t think any number, or arrangement of numbers, can accurately convey or rate the extent of how odd that is to me.

Nineteen. If numbers had its own flavour, I would say this one definitely tastes odd. Foreign. Like a toddler intently watching her first spoonful of bright green broccoli being lifted, as if in slow motion, to her lips, her salivary glands watering with anticipation. Will it taste good? Some toddlers, when their faces light up delightedly, would agree that it does. Others, not so: they grimace, perhaps, over the sudden, strange texture, or its unsurprising flavour. This latter group of toddlers is where my opinion about the year 2019 falls in, and in particular the number ‘nineteen.’

Nineteen. When the new year began with a new writing project, my inner bibliophilic spirit surged forth from the crevices of my mind, after having been constantly preoccupied with matters of reality and idle fantasy. Then the theme came: “What does the year 2019 mean to you?” Whatever inspiring or motivating force that drew my attention now withered away slowly; the old crone I call pessimism cawed and cackled and emerged in its place. “So it’s 2019 already, and you’re asked to write about what the year means to you, when you haven’t even lived through its entirety?” she hissed gleefully as I sadly retreat to a corner, defeated and embarrassed.

Nineteen. It’s a number I fear to even whisper when the clock strikes midnight on my birthday. It’s a number I still have trouble writing down when I place the date on the corner of my exercise books; out of habit my muscles twitch to write down 2018, and I have to rub it out. It’s a number, at the back of a year, that I have trouble trying to associate meaning to. What does 2019 mean to someone like me? What could it possibly mean?

Nineteen. I’ve cried more than nineteen tears throughout my life, I’ve had more than nineteen bruises and scrapes from falls and accidents, I’ve written more than nineteen words, and yet nineteen doesn’t seem to convey to anyone, let alone myself, just how much I’ve done in the last nineteen years. What, then, can I say that is convincing enough to prove that 2019 is not just another year, that it will be a year that will mean something to me?

Nineteen. It is February 1st, 2019. An epiphany. My thoughts are like clouds, up high, floating, and I am a mere, misunderstanding human trying to catch and pin them down, to no avail. Indeed, you cannot catch a cloud and bring it down, but if you fill it up, it will fall to you, a completely new and refreshing state of matter. I may not be able to grasp what 2019 means to me yet, but I know that I have the whole year to fill up with experiences, with words, with thoughts. It is only when I know I have filled it enough, that I will see a meaning.

Nineteen. A number that means nothing to most, but means more to me than ever now, knowing that I can put my own, meaningful value to it. As the pessimism and fear within me creeps away, I can see that 2019 is now just another year that needs to be filled up.

To everyone who had the same initial fear of 2019 as I did, I hope this has brought you some comfort. Fill your year with your own value.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A thought provoking article. Well Done Hannah

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