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Why should you study A Level English Language?

The study of Cambridge A Level English Language allows you to develop a critical understanding of a wide variety of texts, both written and spoken. These are taken from a range of sources including journalism, biographies, advertisements, speeches, blogs, and fiction.

You will be guided through the fundamental building blocks of language and its use: grammar, structure and style. Your analytical skills will be developed as you break texts down, learning how writers have created particular effects for specific audiences and purposes.

You will also develop an understanding of how we use spoken language, learning how and why we acquire language and speech skills from birth, and understanding the links between language, culture and identity. You will also explore the rise of English as a global language and its future vis à vis other cultures and languages around the world.

Those considering taking this subject should be aware of the high level of written English expected by the examiners. You should therefore NOT select this course with the primary aim of ‘improving your English’. You need to begin the course with an already high level of English if you are to obtain a good grade. The course is not recommended for non-native English speakers.

Note that our experienced University Services Adviser can advise on A Level courses and all aspects of university entrance. These services are easy to access though our booking form.


Please note we also offer A level English Literature.

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What do I need to know to enrol?

A Level English Language builds directly on the work you will have done for IGCSE or GCSE in English Language or Literature. You must have gained at least grade A or 7 in English Language before starting on this course. For all A Level courses we also require a Grade C or 4 in IGCSE Maths.


The Syllabus and the Exam

The course prepares you for the Cambridge (CIE) A Level syllabus 9093. The full A Level qualification comprises exams at AS and A Level.

For the AS in English Language you will take:
Paper 1: Passages worth 50% of the AS level or 25% of the full A Level. (2 hours and 15 minutes)
Paper 2: Writing worth 50% of the AS level or 25% of the full A Level.  (2 hours)

For the full A Level qualification, in addition to the AS papers above, you will take:
Paper 3: Text Analysis worth 25% of the full A Level. (2 hours and 15 minutes)
Paper 4: Language Topics worth 25% of the full A Level. (2 hours and 15 minutes)

There are Cambridge exam centres in over 150 countries. We can provide details of the most convenient.

Course Fee

The fee for Cambridge A Level English Language is £795 via instalments (initial payment of £171 and 8 monthly instalments of £78.) There is a discount of 5% for payment in full reducing the fee to £755.

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