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Why should you study Cambridge A Level Psychology?

Psychology is a fascinating area of study. It will help you understand human behaviour and mental processes and allow you to better understand how we think, act and feel.

In this Cambridge A Level Psychology course, your studies will be shaped by four key approaches in Psychology: cognitive psychology; social psychology; learning psychology and biological psychology. Topics also include child development, sleep and dreaming, memory and learning in humans and animals.

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What do I need to know to enrol?

No prior knowledge of Psychology is required to embark on this course. Cambridge A Level Psychology is available to those studying both in the UK and internationally. All Wolsey Hall A level students are required to have a GCSE/IGCSE in English Language and Maths at Grade C/4 or above.

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The Syllabus and the Exam

Our course will prepare you for the new Cambridge A Level syllabus 9990 which will be examined for the first time in May/June 2018.

AS Level Paper 1: Approaches, Issues and Debates worth 50% of the overall AS grade and 25% of the full A Level grade. (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Paper 2: Research Methods worth 50% of the overall AS grade and 25% of the full A Level grade. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

A Level For the full A Level, you will also sit the following additional papers: Paper 3: Specialist Options: Theory worth 25% of the overall A Level grade. (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Paper 4: Specialist Options: Application worth 25% of the overall A Level grade. (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Our course covers the following two choices:
 Psychology and Health and Psychology and Abnormality.

Both AS papers (Papers 1 and 2) must be taken in the same exam series, but the A Level papers (Papers 3 and 4) may also be taken together in a later exam series.

There are Cambridge exam centres in over 150 countries. We can provide details of the most convenient.

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Course Fee

The fee for Cambridge AS Psychology is £475 via instalments (initial payment of £99 and 8 monthly instalments of £47.) There is a discount of 5% for payment in full reducing the fee to £451. For the full A Level the fee is £795 (initial payment of £171 and 8 monthly instalments of £78) or £755 for payment in full. You can read more about our fees here To find out what our fees include please click here To find out how to pay and about our 30-day refund policy please click here

Eglantine - A Level Psychology Student, Mauritius

I spent the evening reflecting on everything and I individually messaged all my teachers saying everything and asking for help. Long messages writing how I really feel about the course etc. and I just really wanted to thank you so much, I have never even heard of such a kind teaching group and such understanding teachers. My old school was nothing like this, and although I can’t see you in real life I already feel so so welcome and I can tell my teachers and I connect in a way. So, thank you for supporting me, it really really means the world. For many reasons I have never really fit in my schools and I love Wolsey Hall! One of my teachers replied to my message already and it really touched me how much you want to us succeed and put no unnecessary pressure on us. I am really grateful you have no idea. Have a lovely evening and don’t worry, I’m getting my working mode on. Just wanted to say your heart for the students doesn’t go unnoticed!

Meet our CIE A Level Psychology Tutor

  • Michelle Morgan

    After working in the police force, I gained a master’s in Psychology and Criminology, specialising in forensic work. I have worked as a senior examiner with a number of leading exam boards.

    BSc, MA, PGDipEd Subject: Psychology View Profile

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