Why Study AS Level English General Paper?

Our Cambridge English General Paper course is set at AS level only and is a valuable addition to your 3 core A Level subjects.  It will develop your understanding and use of English in a range of contexts. You will learn how to incorporate key details into your writing in order to support your argument, as well as honing your skills in interpretation, analysis, reasoning, evaluation and persuasion. These skills are all highly transferable and will help you in your other subjects as well as equipping you for higher education or employment.

The qualification was developed by Cambridge for those students who would like a qualification in English beyond IGCSE/GCSE to study at university. The skills you will learn are transferable to a large number of subjects where you need to read and write in English at a proficient level.

Please note however that you must always check the specific entrance requirements for English of any university to which you are applying.

Note that our experienced University Services Adviser can advise on A Level courses and all aspects of university entrance.


A Level Course Information

What do I Need to Know to Enrol?

To study for the AS English General Paper, you must have gained at least grade C or 4 in IGCSE First Language English or grade B or 6 in IGCSE Second Language English.

The qualification is only available at AS level and therefore should be taken in addition to three core A Level subjects if you are applying for university.


A Level Entry Requirements

The Syllabus and Exam

This course will prepare you for the Cambridge AS English General Paper syllabus 8021.
This qualification is only available at AS Level. Exams take place in March (India only), June and November.

For the AS in English General Paper you will take:

Paper 1: Essay – worth 50% of the AS level (1 hour and 15 minutes)

Paper 2: Comprehension – worth 50% of the AS level (1 hour and 45 minutes).

Course Fee

The fee for Cambridge AS Level English General Paper is £475 via instalments (initial payment of £99 and 8 monthly instalments of £47). There is a discount of 5% for payment in full reducing the fee to £451.

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Meet Our AS Level English General Paper Tutors

  • Anna Cook

    English Language is a living, breathing subject and the way we use it is changing. I endeavour to differentiate lessons to make the experiences of my online students personal and enjoyable.

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