A Student Letter to Wolsey Hall

I am a student of South Africa. I was first in a normal South African school. My marks was bad in the school. I was stressed out the whole time. I was starting to doubt myself and my ability to really do great in school. I was restless most of the time and struggled to sleep at night, stressing about the next day at school. Homes schooling change my life a lot. I was so stressed in school and the teachers were not nice to me. They criticized me and that was annoying me. My parents and I discussed the option of home schooling and we heard about Wolsey Hall Oxford. My parents and I was all for this and we are convinced that it was the best thing ever.


I am only 3 months in Wolsey Hall Oxford and my marks is a lot better. I eat, sleep and drink better now that I am in this school. I think I am better and more cleaver although the work is in a higher grade it is still fun to do. Home school made me start believing in myself and I am much more social and communicating a lot easier to people than before. I have more self confidence and a lot more friends than I had in School.


The tutors of Wolsey Hall never demotivate me or criticize me so I belief the best thing to do for education to change the world is to motivate more and see the learner for who he is. Don’t put everybody in the same category.


The best educator is the one who motivate instead of demotivate.


Thanks to everybody at Wolsey Hall who belief in each student and motivate instead of criticize.


Best wishes


Age 12, Free State, South Africa

This lovely letter was sent to us by Ruan, whose first language is Afrikaans. He is very keen to improve his English so we will be setting him up with a ‘penpal’ in the form of another Wolsey Hall student. If any other students are interested in doing this, let us know!

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Lovely, heartwarming letter and I wish Ruan only positivity going forward. I think he writrs very well for a 12 year old, especially considering his first language is *Afrikaans* 😉. I hope he has lots of penpals! I would recommend putting on English subtitles when watching movies and TV shows. …And lowering soundtrack so he has to read dialogue. That should help quite a lot too..

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