Cedar's Story

Fifteen-year-old Cedar Newman has already achieved great things as a violinist performing in many countries around the world. Cedar turned to homeschooling with Wolsey Hall as she needed her academic studies to fit around her musical commitments.

Performing Artists

“I am studying English language, English Literature and Maths with Wolsey Hall. Learning at home allows me the flexibility to pursue what is essentially an apprenticeship in music. Setting priorities, being focused on using time constructively and accepting the consequences of choices are important parts of learning at home.

Learning at home is more fluid and allows me to focus on topics of interest and see the connections between different areas of learning. For example, we often use my music as a spring board into history. Understanding a composer and their music requires a knowledge and appreciation of their context. However, juggling study and musical commitments, is not easy and requires prioritising what is most important at a particular point in time; this is something I am still learning to do.”

“My tips for other homeschoolers are to engage in learning as part of your life, rather than something which has to be achieved.  If you have a special interest which requires commitment of a large amount of time and you want to pursue tertiary studies, find out what pre-requisites are required and then create a programme of study to meet them.

Accept that it is not possible to do everything. It is important to have time to exercise, be social and relax, all of which contributes to learning.

Sometimes stop and reflect on what you have learnt rather than worry about what you have not learnt.”

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