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Loren (now aged 20) studied with Wolsey Hall Oxford while homeschooling in Mauritius and now writes a blog and has an ebook coming out soon.

“After successfully completing online homeschooling with Wolsey, I was inspired to write an ebook about studying effectively. I feel like my experience with Wolsey allowed me to gain a different insight about learning. I spent three years studying with Wolsey, in which I completed my IGCSEs and A Levels in Geography, History, and Literature. I decided on homeschooling after spending seven years in a private school. This shift came about when I had to move from Seychelles to Mauritius, where the curriculum was entirely different. I know it was the best choice I could have made as Wolsey’s subject structure is efficient for further studies, and thus more advantageous than traditional schooling.”

“Wolsey Hall executes their courses in a way that cultivates new pursuits, and it provides a community that allows every individual to develop their talents. During this time, I explored my interests in fitness, art, and creating a small business. I enjoyed writing for Wolsey’s Creative Writing Club, which helped support my writing skills, and I now write for a UK student website.

I’ve created a health blog, a student productivity blog and an ebook that aims to help other students with their studies. Home education has given me a new perspective in learning and the responsibility required at university, which I want to share with others.”

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“I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester. I applied through Wolsey’s University Advice Service, which made the process a lot smoother. I plan to continue writing and publishing my work along the way while growing my business.

However, I have not decided on a career yet, because I prefer not to limit my options or label my future. The most important lesson this whole journey has taught me is that it’s not only about following your passion but broadening it as well.”

Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award

“Here I am with my award for being the 2nd Best
Cambridge Outstanding Learner in the Seychelles!”

My IGCSE Results:
English (First Language) A*
Geography A*
Biology A *
Literature A*

My A Level Results:
Literature A
Geography A
History B

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