Ten Advantages of Homeschooling

We thought it would be a good idea to have a closer look at some of the advantages of homeschooling. Have a look and see what you think!  

1. Flexibility

  Make your own timetable/ rota or shift system. Homeschooling works best if one parent is not in full-time employment. Take breaks or trips whenever suits you, without having to pay the high school holiday rates.  

2. No school runs

  Help the environment whilst avoiding hours wasted in your daily routine. Get out of bed later, which is actually very healthy for children who are still growing due to their adrenalin system.  

3. Child-led learning

  Follow the flow of your own child’s interests and abilities, rather than that of a classroom. They will learn far more effectively.  

4. Write your own timetable

  You don’t need to mimic an average school day. There are no set rules other than trying to keep in some part to the structure of the online courses. If your child is more alert or productive during certain hours of the day, focus your efforts on those hours rather than attempting to fight their natural work pattern.  

5. Benefits of one-to-one time

  Some parents say that with private tuition their child get a day’s worth of learning in two hours. The teaching is just far more focussed.  

6. Interactive

  Children may be too shy in a classroom to ask a question, but one-to-one or amongst their own family they can feel more able to do so.  

7. Boosts confidence

  Perhaps your child has unique talents, but struggles with other subjects. You can restore the balance and allow them to blossom by choosing subjects which suit your child and aim for success.  

8. Best of both worlds

  Some parents flex-school (which is part-time schooling and homeschooling). All the advantages of homeschooling whilst still keeping a toe in the school system!  

9. Legal efficacy

  In many countries homeschooling is completely legal. As a parent you do have a responsibility to educate your children. You can homeschool right the way through, or transfer to homeschooling later on.  

10. Support network

  At Wolsey Hall Oxford we focus on ways to share your feelings in private Facebook groups which you can join, and also through our blog and other social media. We highlight your child’s individual talents and achievements. We also share events and programmes which may be interesting to you.   If you’d like to share with us some of the advantages of homeschooling that you value please get in touch using our contact form we’d love to hear from you!  

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