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Step 1. Your Details:

  • *First Name

  • *Last Name

  • *Date of Birth

  • *Sex

  • *Address (to which you would like your books sent)

  • *City

  • County / State / Province

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  • *Country

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  • *Nationality

  • *Preferred phone number

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Step 2. The subjects you wish to study:

Lower Secondary



Lower Secondary


  • *Proposed Examination date


  • *Proposed Examination date

Step 3. Further Details

  • *Approximate number of hours you are able to study each week

  • Dates when you will be on holiday

  • Please list IGCSE/GCSE or previous exams taken and grades obtained and send scanned copy of certificate separately (A Level applicants only)

  • *Please advise the reasons for taking this course

  • Please let us know about any learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia etc.

  • Please let us know about any special skills or outside interests such as a sport or playing a musical instrument

  • *Have you taken a course with Wolsey Hall before (Yes/No)

  • *How did you hear about Wolsey Hall?

Step 4. Payment Information

  • *Will you be paying for this course In Full or By Instalments

  • *How do you wish to pay for the course?

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