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Step 1. Family Details

  • *First Name of Child

  • *Last Name of Child

  • *Date of Birth

  • *Sex

  • *Nationality

  • *Full Name of Parent / Guardian who will be supporting the child

  • *Email address of Parent / Guardian

  • *Confirmation of Email address

  • *Preferred phone number of Parent / Guardian

  • Skype ID of Parent / Guardian

  • *Address (to which you would like your child's books sent)

  • *City

  • County / State / Province

  • Postcode

  • *Country

  • Country of residence

Step 2. The subjects your Child wishes to study:

Ages 7 - 10

Ages 7 - 10

Step 3. Your role as Parent

Your role as Parent is central to your child’s learning for Wolsey Hall Primary homeschooling courses.

  • The Wolsey Hall course provides you with detailed lesson plans in each subject to work through with your child

  • Your child’s Tutors will assess your child’s monthly assignments online and discuss progress with you both in your termly (or more frequent) Skype calls

  • You will have a friendly Progress Manager to prepare an Assignment Schedule, to monitor your child’s activity on the course and to help with any administrative issues that may arise.

It will be your responsibility to.

  • Prepare a daily and weekly timetable to which you and your child will work, so as to meet the due dates on the Assignment Schedule

  • Fully support your child during their hours of study

  • Be present throughout all Skype calls with your child’s tutors

  • Work through the lesson plans with your child

  • Discuss with your child any element in the course or the books which may be causing them difficulty

  • Help your child prepare and submit course assignments on line as per the Assignment Schedule

  • Go through the Tutor’s feedback on each assignment with your child and make sure that they understand it and will be able to apply it in future

  • Seek help from your child's Tutors or Progress Manager when needed

  • Provide your child with encouragement and moral support throughout.

*Please tick the box below to confirm that you understand the above and will provide the support necessary to help your child succeed in their studies.

Step 4. Further Details

  • *Date when you would like your child's studies to begin

  • *Approximate number of hours your child is able to study each week

  • *Dates when your child will be on holiday

  • *Who will be working with the child if other than the parent shown above?

  • *Please advise the reasons for your child taking this course

  • Please advise whether your child has any learning difficulties

  • Please advise whether your child has any special skills or outside interests such as a sport or playing a musical instrument

  • *Has your child or a sibling taken a course with Wolsey Hall before (Yes/No)

  • *How did you hear about Wolsey Hall?


Step 5. Payment Information

  • *Will you be paying for this course In Full or By Instalments

  • *How do you wish to pay for the course?

  • Please read our simple but important Terms & Conditions

    *Please confirm you accept the Terms & Conditions

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