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We are delighted to announce that Cambridge Assessment International Education has approved Wolsey Hall Oxford as a “virtual school”.

As one of the world’s most experienced homeschooling and home study providers, we offer online Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International A Level programmes to students worldwide.

Christine Özden, Chief Executive of Cambridge Assessment International Education, said: “We are delighted to announce that Wolsey Hall Oxford has joined our global community of Cambridge schools and we look forward to a long and productive relationship.”

Homeschooling is on the rise in many countries. In the UK alone, homeschooling figures have doubled since 2013, rising to an estimated 58,000 children. The precise figure is unknown because currently parents do not have to register their children as homeschooled so it could be as many as 80,000.

“Homeschooling suits many parents who are looking for a flexible, one-to-one approach for their child’s education,” explains Lee Wilcock, Principal of Wolsey Hall Oxford. “And sharing this responsibility with an accredited Cambridge school offers reassurance to parents.”

We have students around the world studying with us for a variety of reasons.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

United Kingdom

15-year-old Lily said: “Having started with Wolsey Hall Oxford around a year ago, my academic achievements have progressed beyond that of any mainstream schooling. Wolsey Hall has allowed me to become immersed not only in subjects I enjoy but also subjects which will lead me into a bright academic future. As a person who suffers with OCD, the home learning foundation of Wolsey Hall has lessened my anxiety and allowed me to achieve more in a shorter space of time. This foundation also allows me to create a personalised schedule which not only works better for me academically but also allows me to plan my own ‘school trips’ full of culture and excitement so making me a more well-rounded person.”

South Africa

18-year-old Zenzele explains: ‘I’ve found no better place to discover my potential as a learner than at Wolsey Hall Oxford. The time I have spent working towards completing my secondary education with them has been very encouraging and gratifying. I’ve received such a great amount of support. To add to this, I’ve been happy to discover that the subjects I once thought impossible are the ones I’ve grown to love and do well in. Amazing doesn’t even sum it up for me, it’s been a truly outstanding part of my journey.”


Both of Veronica Williams’ sons, aged 15 and 13 years old, study in Malaysia: “Homeschooling with Wolsey Hall has not just enabled my children to develop various academic skills but it has also facilitated a more holistic learning experience. The engaging course materials and resources have sparked their interests and widened their knowledge. Flexibility with online homeschooling has meant they are able to volunteer in community projects. Constructive feedback on assignments have facilitated their learning experience positively.”


Belinda Sparrow-Smith chose Wolsey Hall to homeschool her two daughters in Zimbabwe. “Educating your children in Zimbabwe can be hectic and frazzling,” she explains. “This side of the world we have huge economic and political turmoil going on. I am so grateful that my kids are being homeschooled so they are at least being protected from the extremely confusing situation we are working with currently. My words to people who ask about homeschooling is that the responsibility now belongs to the child and the parent; take it seriously! Wolsey Hall provides the best platform for you to do this with an easy to use and follow programme. The kids learn life skills such as goal setting and self-motivation but there are no shortcuts. My children have learnt that it takes hard work, dedication and with the backup from tutors and support managers they can do the best they are able to do but only if they put in the effort.”


Sanjana says: “Most people who prefer homeschooling to traditional schooling do so because it provides them with the flexibility to focus on other activities outside of their school curriculum. However I’ve opted for homeschooling because it allows me to devote extra time to my studies. Nevertheless I’ve also pursued some interests outside my regular academic curriculum. I made a documentary film to express my ideas about the impact of globalisation. I have a DELF certification in French and I also have a 5th grade certification in Theory of Music. All of this has been possible because of the flexibility that the Wolsey Hall curriculum has to offer.”

United Arab Emirates

13-year-old Stefania finds the flexibility of homeschooling with Wolsey Hall works perfectly for her and her training: “I am an aspiring tennis professional and I travel very often. Being homeschooled has given me the opportunity to do school wherever I am in the world. I also have more time to train and compete in tennis tournaments. The tutors at Wolsey Hall Oxford are very interactive and helpful when I have any trouble with my schoolwork. In my opinion, Wolsey Hall is an excellent homeschool where it teaches you time management skills and how to become more independent with your schoolwork.”


Elisabetta Bianchi chose Wolsey Hall because of its flexibility to fit around her daughters schooling in Italy: “After living abroad and attending an international school for a few years, we returned to Italy and I wanted my girls to be able to pursue studying English Language in the most suitable way as bilingual pupils. I found Wolsey Hall the perfect fit for them; despite being enrolled in an Italian school, they have the chance to continue learning English in an effective and rewarding way. They can work almost independently by following the guidance on the platform as well as submitting the assignments. As a parent you can easily track their results!”

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