Homeschooling Countries Posts

2nd Mar 2023

Philippines national homeschool day

It’s the 3rd of March and the 7th anniversary of ‘National Homeschool in the Philippines Day’. At Wolsey Hall Oxford we have a growing number of students who are homeschooling in the Philippines and we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate alongside them.

9th May 2022

Guide to the UK education system

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we offer a British curriculum to our students but many international families find a guide to the UK education system is helpful. Our article explains the different stages.


8th Feb 2022

Difference between IGCSE and ICSE

When families are considering homeschooling in India one of the questions that crops up repeatedly is, what is the difference between the IGCSE and the ICSE? When you break it down the main difference is the flexibility in subject choices.