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Lee Wilcock As one of the world's most experienced home study and distance learning providers, we have been helping people around the world achieve qualifications through home study since 1894. Well over 750,000 have gained qualifications with Wolsey Hall and many have gone on to Higher Education or improved their career prospects as a result.

We're proud to say that one of those people was Nelson Mandela, who studied for his London University law degree through distance learning with Wolsey Hall whilst in Robben Island jail - an inspiration to home learners everywhere!

We focus on providing first class teaching for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSE and A level for young people being schooled at home. With a state of the art online learning platform and an outstanding Tutor team, we're delivering courses to students in the UK and world wide.

You may like to know that Wolsey Hall is a not-for-profit organisation, with any surplus reinvested in improving our courses and our service.

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Lee Wilcock


Lee Wilcock BA (Hons.)

Principal, Wolsey Hall Oxford

Courses Include

  • All the required course books
  • Our Guide to Successful Study with great ideas and tips
  • Access to our state of the art Online Learning system
  • A wealth of online resources
  • One to one Tutor support
  • Five day turnaround of your assignments
  • Your own Student Progress Manager for contact throughout your course
  • Access to our fully qualified Learning Support Manager


We are very pleased to see John take on the change in his studies as what we faced in the past had been very trying. The tutors have been remarkable in paving the way forward. We couldn't have done this without Wolsey Hall and the full support we have been given. You allowed us as all to find confidence in helping John. Thank you always.