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How It Works

How it Works

What happens when my child starts their course?

You and your child will receive profiles and contact details of your child’s Tutors so they can be in touch with them as soon as they wish;

  • You and your child will receive our Guide to Successful Study which is packed with information about how to get the most out of the course;
  • Your child’s course books will be dispatched. These are the best and most interactive learning texts available. For IGCSE the books are endorsed by the relevant examining body. Within the UK, course books normally arrive within 3 working days. Outside the UK we arrange for courier service where possible, which normally takes from 3 – 6 days, depending on the country;
  • Your child will have access to our online learning environment and its wide range of resources immediately they're enrolled, so that s/he can begin their studies right away;
  • Your child's Student Progress Manager will develop an individual Study Schedule for your child based on the time they have available for study, the number of assignments in each subject and the examination/course completion date. So your child will have a clear structure within which to study.
What is the online learning environment?

Our online learning environment contains all of your child’s course resources. You and your child will find it easy to access, and you (or your spouse/partner) will have access to it separately, as an Observer. Among the resources you and your child will find there are:

  • The Syllabus for the subject(s) being studied so that you will both be able to see clearly the topics to be covered and, for the IGCSE or A Level, how your child will be assessed.
  • The Programme of Study for the subject(s) being studied, showing your child exactly what needs to be covered before each assignment;
  • The Assignments. Your child submits these to their tutor online via the learning environment and they'll receive their grades together with helpful feedback within 3 - 5 working days. This rapid turnaround will help to keep your child supported and motivated.
  • A wide range of online resources, such as interactive websites, videos and tutor-prepared material, which complement the course books in an exciting and relevant way.
What support will my child have on a course?

Your child will have three key supports during their course:

  • Their Tutors - who will assess and grade their assignments. We invite you and your child to arrange a Skype call with their course tutor before starting work on the course. This is a "get to know you" call and will give you and your child the opportunity to ask the Tutor any questions about the course itself. Your child can then contact their Tutors by email via the online environment. Please note that Tutors do not provide online tutorials.
  • Their Student Progress Manager - who will be your key link with the College, and who will deal with any administrative issues, such as changing your child’s Study Schedule, helping with exam centres or anything else on which you or your child need advice or assistance.
  • You - the Parent - have a critical role to play in supporting your child. Where parents are involved in working with their children on a regular daily basis, the learning experience will be much more successful. There are many things that you can do to help, that are simply not possible for a homeschooling organisation such as Wolsey Hall Oxford - such as arranging visits to museums for example. The more support you are able to provide your child with "extra - curricular" activities the better your child's learning experience will be.
    • There are certain to be times, however good the course and however bright the child, when the going gets tough. You can offer your child encouragement at these times and discuss the issues that they are finding difficult.
    • You can encourage your child to contact their Tutors or Student Progress Manager if and when appropriate.
    • You can ensure that your child has a daily and weekly timetable for studying each subject, similar to what they would have in school. Children need structure with in which to work. And an timetable, agreed between you and your child, will provide structure to the day.
    • You can review progress with your child, relative both to their study timetable and their Wolsey Hall Oxford study schedule on at the end of each day and week.
How does my child enter for their exams?

You will need to apply to an exam centre for your child to take their exams for IGCSE and A Level (there are no exams for Key Stage 3). We regret that we can't do this for you but your Student Progress Manager will help and advise you on examination arrangements.

In the UK the Cambridge and Edexcel exam boards have centres throughout the country. Outside the UK, the British Council will usually be the exam centre of choice. Or there may well be a nearby school which will accept private candidates. In most countries we can provide you with a list of exam centres.

How long will a course take?

How long a course will take depends on your child’s prior knowledge of a subject, and how quickly they learn. But we estimate, on average that your child should allow up to 150 hrs of study for an IGCSE subject and 500 hours for an A Level subject (250 hrs for AS and 250 hrs for A2). We offer Key Stage 3 courses over 2 years, and your child should comfortably be able to take five or more subjects during that time, or in less if they have already covered some of the syllabus.

Can my child study from outside the UK?

Your child can study Wolsey Hall Oxford homeschooling courses from outside the UK as easily as if your family were resident there. Usually your child can sit their exam at a local British Council offices or an International School. But we suggest that you contact the British Council or local schools before your child begins their course to make certain so that you know where they will be able to sit from day one.

What qualifications will my child receive at the end of their course?

For Key Stage 3 we provide an end of course report, based on your child’s performance on the course.

For IGCSE or A Level your child will receive a certificate from the exam board in question. This will indicate the grade that your child has obtained.

How do I apply for a home study course for my child?

You can apply online at any time. Or if you would like advice before you do so, just submit our contact form or telephone our Freephone line: 0800 622 6599 from within the UK or 0044 800 622 6599 from outside the UK.

We look forward to welcoming your child as a homeschooling student at Wolsey Hall Oxford.