Homeschooling Key Stage 2 (ages 7-10)

Key Stage 2 - HS


Homeschooling Key Stage 2 (Ages 7-10)

Wolsey Hall offer Primary level homeschooling courses for children aged 7 - 10 in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths
  • Science

The courses have been written specifically to cover the Key Stage 2 English national curriculum. They are accessible to children of all abilities. They provide a stimulating experience and a solid foundation for later learning.

How do the courses work?

We’ve designed our Primary level homeschooling courses as a partnership between you the parent, your child and the Wolsey Hall Oxford team.

You will work with your child using the lesson plans prepared by our Primary level Tutor team. And you’ll have the help and support of a member of that same team who will be in contact on a regular basis.

Course Structure

The courses comprise three main components:

1. The course books around which the courses are designed and which are included in the course fee.

2. Carefully structured lesson plans designed to ensure that your child covers the complete Primary level curriculum in the main subject areas.

3. Access to a range of online resources such as videos and interactive games which complement the course books. See example Maths video here


Your child will have assignments to complete at monthly intervals throughout the course. These are a key part of the learning process and will enable you and the Wolsey Hall tutor to gauge your child's progress.

When your child completes each assignment you will send it to their tutor for assessment via our state of the art online learning system. The tutor will provide rapid feedback so that your child will feel motivated throughout the course.


You will be assigned your own Student Progress Manager who will provide administrative support, monitor your child's progress, and keep in close touch with you both throughout the course of their studies.

When you’ve received the course books, please email the tutor(s) via Canvas to agree a mutually convenient time for an introductory Skype call. This call is so that you can get to know the tutor(s) and also ask any questions you may have about the courses. You will then have a Skype call following the first assignments to review your child’s early progress.

Following that, the majority of parents/students find that a Termly progress call and report from the tutor is sufficient to monitor the child’s progress but if you would like more regular, monthly contact with your tutor please discuss this with the tutor in your early Skype calls. The important thing is for you and your child to feel that you are receiving as much support as you need and we are very happy to be as flexible as we can.

How long will the courses take?

All Wolsey Hall courses are child-centred. By this we mean they are designed to be taken at a pace suitable for your child.

While the KS2 curriculum is taught over 4 years in England, we believe that some children will be fully able to take the course over a 3 year period. Our online learning system allows us to provide an accelerated route for those families who wish it.

On the other hand, if you would prefer your child to take longer than three years to complete their course, then that is fine too. *PLEASE NOTE* Although we would recommend that most children follow the Primary level courses appropriate for their year group, our courses are sufficiently flexible to accommodate children who may be behind or ahead of their year group in all or specific subjects. Please discuss this with the Director of Studies on enrolment if you feel this may apply in your child’s case.

Course Fees

The course fees are £375 per subject per year if paid in full and £395 per subject per year if paid by instalments. A discount of 10% is available if your child is enrolled for two or more years.

Courses Include: 
  • All the required course books
  • Access to our state of the art online learning system
  • Online videos and educational games to keep your child engaged
  • One to one Tutor support
  • Five day turnaround of your child’s assignments
  • Your own Student Progress Manager for contact throughout your child’s course
  • Monthly review meetings with your child’s Wolsey Hall tutor.

"The books are very nice and the Maths and Science books are my son’s favourites. English has not been my son's strongest subject to date but the course is certainly giving him extra practice. He is more confident in reading on his own purely because the books are pitched at just the right level and the topics are precise and to the point. Nathan sometimes has difficulty in reading and understanding questions but because the are only a few questions at the end of each subject he is now more confident to try the questions on his own and answer them. I feel the course has been well structured for both children and parents.”

(Cindy Stockil, Key Stage 2 parent)