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Why choose Wolsey Hall Oxford?

Why choose Wolsey Hall Oxford?

We think there are five good reasons.

We're fast!

Traditional distance learning colleges just can't compete with our fast feedback. When you send an assignment to your tutor we aim to get it marked and returned to you within 5 working days. And we have the monitoring systems in place to ensure that it happens. We want to keep your motivation levels high.

This fast feedback means we can help you to study for your qualifications as quickly as possible.

Other institutions may offer fastrack options at extra or hidden cost to the customer, but we offer fastrack options as standard in our service to all customers.

We're responsive

We're available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your queries (we do need to play and sleep sometimes!).

We're flexible

You can enrol at any time of the year. We don't have cut off dates because nearly all our courses can be examined in either May/June or November. And with our fast feedback systems we can prepare you for your examinations as quickly as possible.

We're experienced

We've been supporting students on distance learning courses since 1894. What we don't know about distance learning and providing an excellent learning experience for students isn't worth knowing! We use all this experience to make sure you get the best grades possible in your examination.

We're not for profit

Wolsey Hall is a not-for-profit organisation, with any surplus reinvested in improving our courses and our service.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student with Wolsey Hall.