Distance Education Alumnus Abdulsamad Abdullah

A distance education really paid off for one of our old students. Read on to hear how studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford helped one student carve out his career in Accountancy.


We were very excited when Abdulsamad Abdullah got in touch (after reading a post on this blog!) to tell us that he had studied with Wolsey Hall in the 1970s. We asked him a bit more about his experience – this is what he said:


“In the spring of 1975 a friend handed me a list of correspondence schools and universities in the UK. I was just 18 years old, living in the town of Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and working as a clerk typist. I did not have the chance to attend college, but I was eager to study and improve my work prospects and was already able to communicate in English as the educational medium of my country (Somalia) was English.


When I looked at the list provided by my friend, I was attracted to the Wolsey Hall distance education courses. I wrote a letter requesting more information about their courses, in particular for accounting and bookkeeping. In less than two weeks, I was sent information. I made a choice between Wolsey Hall and other correspondence schools –  I felt that unlike some of the other schools, Wolsey Hall was not after the student’s pocket. I had a number of British friends and after consultations, they all came to the same conclusion. So I wrote back and paid the fees for course materials and lessons in my chosen subjects, bookkeeping and accounting. In less than three weeks I received all the materials by registered mail. I was very happy!


In addition to the books, Wolsey Hall provided easy-to-follow lessons. I still remember the principles taught in the bookkeeping course, including this quote: “For Every Debit Entry, there must be a corresponding Credit Entry. And for Every Credit Entry there must be a corresponding Debit Entry. Debit is amount received, Credit is amount given. Debit is a value, Credit is Expense. Debit is Loss, Credit is Gain.”


A year later, I left my job and joined the German construction firm Philipp Holzmann AG. As I already mastered the principles of bookkeeping, I immediately found a job in the accounting field as junior accountant. It was really an experience and I was able to write to the instructors in the Wolsey Hall whenever I needed help for many years to come.


In 1978 I joined the Dutch construction firm Ballast Nedam. By then I was an accountant dealing with all levels of accounting matters. I was always indebted to Wolsey Hall for their easy-to-follow educational material and lessons, and the patience of their experienced teachers who knew how to communicate with different students by correspondence in many parts of the world.


Now I’m 57 years old and live in Yemen. I teach youngsters here the principles of bookkeeping that Wolsey Hall taught me via distance education in the 70’s! Had I not joined Wolsey Hall I would not have had the chance to advance in my career. I wish Wolsey Hall all the best and hope that they will remain a symbol for education in the centuries to come.”


– Abdulsamad Abdullah, Yemen



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