Distance Study in 1964

Wolsey Hall has been providing courses via distance study since 1894. Times have changed greatly and the way we now deliver our courses is very much driven by the internet.


Pictured above from our 1964 Prospectus: “One of over one hundred Graduate Tutors. The written work of students taking Full Tuition or Revision courses is marked by their personal Tutors.”


Ever wondered what distance study looked like in the days before the Internet? Before email and Skype and state-of-the-art online learning systems allowed us to instantly connect with Tutors and fellow students, submit work, and delve even deeper into whatever we find interesting?


Well, for one thing, there was a lot more¬†paper involved! Our Tutors used to mark assignments by hand, and then post back their feedback. Below is a fascinating glimpse into the kind of course materials our students would have received by post in the 1960s. Here’s an overview and introduction to a lesson from a course on Modern English History, covering the Stuart Era from 1603-1642:


Distance Study


Nowadays of course, everything is done online with students submitting their assignments via our online system and tutors using the same platform to mark and return scripts with their comments. Gone are the days when students would have to wait sometimes weeks until the postal systems of the countries they resided in managed to get their marked papers back to them!



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