Enquiry Forms

Here are some important things to consider BEFORE enquiring about our courses;

  • Our Primary courses (up to Year 6) are parent-led;
  • Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A Level students need to be motivated to learn and to become capable independent learners;
  • Our Student Progress Managers provide dedicated support to their Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A Level students, but we also look to parents to keep close track of their children’s progress and offer regular pastoral support;
  • We provide strong academic support through our experienced team of tutors. But we do not offer classes online. 
  • And please do look at our fees before enquiring so you know what they will be. We believe they offer excellent value for the service we offer, but we are not your least expensive option. You can also use our handy fees calculators below.

Ready to Enquire?

tick I have read the important information above about Wolsey Hall courses and I understand how the courses work.

tick I know the fees for the courses I wish my child to study.

If you can say YES to both statements and would like more information, please enquire now using one of the forms below. Please include as much detail as possible about your requirements including the age of your child and any qualifications they have.

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