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Essay Inspiration – Cliff Mountain

As inspiration for our students leading up to this year’s Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition (enter here) here is an entry from last year’s competition written by Secondary Level student, Umar Barok. Umar is from Saudi Arabia, and his two brothers are also studying online with Wolsey Hall Oxford.


A Trio Adventure

My name is Max Ryan. It has been about a year and a half but I will finally tell the whole story, the story that my friends and me will never forget. The adventure of Cliff Mountain.

We met at the airport two hours before the flight; we decided that we would get something to eat before we headed off. Our flight was to France to climb the Alps and most importantly to get to the summit of Mont Blanc, which is the highest in the range.

Before the flight we planned on when we would leave to the mountain range. We definitely had enough supplies, enough to last two weeks maximum.

We finally arrived at France and we got a taxi to get to out hotel near the range. The hotel was the ‘Grand Hotel des Alpes’. We decided that we would rest the night and the next day we would go to the mountain. The next day we left an hour and a half before sunrise so we could get there at sunrise.

We started at the bottom of one of the hills that went in between the other hills that were higher. Trees became less and hills were arching around us till there was snow.

After a long walk we reached a cliff that was only one kilometer from Mont Blanc. The only way was to climb down the 25 feet ice snowy cliff. My friend James was going to lower Jesse first, He put one foot on the edge and lowered himself down on the cliff till the rope strained. Then James lowered him.

I lowered James then I made a decision to attach the rope to a tree to climb down.

I finally got near the end but I had to make a jump while still on the rope to avoid the thin ice. I jumped and made it. We climbed for an hour and finally made it to the peak of Mont Blanc.

One the way back we reached the cliff again which we had to climb. I went last and half way through my axe did not get grip of the ice making me plummet 20 feet into the thin ice shattering it into a crevasse.

I did not faint on the impact but there was snow over my face. Still working out what is happing I brushed the snow off me, then I realized what had happened.

My friends were screaming my name from up there. I did not move, everything was blurring and I saw them leave then I fainted after a long time.

I woke up after an hour and jumped awake, I had to find a way out. I decided that I would try to climb out. I put my axe in the ice and lifted my foot onto the wall. I managed to get out uninjured.

Sunset was close and I walked on my own till I reached the hotel.

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