Exam Codes / Dates

Exam dates and codes will differ for each of the 6 different administrative zones into which the Cambridge Examinations Board has divided the world.

Once you know your administrative zone, please click on the relevant link below to find your timetable:

Zone 1:   IGCSE Timetable  |  AS/AL Timetable

Zone 2:   IGCSE Timetable  |  AS/AL Timetable

Zone 3:   IGCSE Timetable  |  AS/AL Timetable

Zone 4:  IGCSE Timetable  |  AS/AL Timetable

Zone 4 (UAE/Oman):   IGCSE Timetable

Zone 5:   IGCSE Timetable  |  AS/AL Timetable

Zone 6:  IGCSE Timetable  |  AS/AL Timetable

Booking the exams

Wolsey Hall cannot enter you or your children for their exams. Please make exam entry arrangements yourself directly with your chosen exam centre. Please also contact your chosen exam centre for information on exam entry procedures and exam fees. This varies between centres, and we do not have this information. Many exam centres will not accept entries after 31 January. You may be able, for an additional fee, to make an entry after this date. But we advise making your entry arrangements as soon as possible. When completing your entry form for your chosen exam centre, please ensure you list all the components listed for your subject on your timetable.

For overseas candidates, the British Council will often be your centre of choice however, where there is no local British Council office, please consult the Cambridge website in the above link to find an alternative centre or contact Nuha Lami, International Exams Officer, who will be able to provide you with a list for your country. You will find Edexcel (UK and overseas) centres as follows:

Edexcel International Exam centres

Edexcel UK Exam centres

Contact us

If you experience any problems when booking your exams, please contact our International Exams Officer Nuha Lami:


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