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Homeschool Creative Writing Club


Genevieve is a member of our Homeschool Creative Writing Club, set up to allow our students to share the creative fiction they have written with other homeschoolers around the world.


H A L L O W E E N  N I G H T


Written by Genevieve Smart

Studying IGCSE with Wolsey Hall in Singapore




It was Halloween night and I was outside my house waiting for my friends. My phone buzzed from my bag, I opened my bag and saw several messages from my friends saying they couldn’t make it. It seemed I had to go trick or treating alone.


I went to all the houses around my street and once I had enough candy I walked to the haunted house. People told me that it’s going to be the best-haunted house ever!


As I arrived at house and there was no one there besides me. I saw three people that turned out to be my friends. I followed them into the house and they were going to a room, which seemed fine.


My friends were sitting down on the floor with a straight back and not speaking. I wondered what they were doing. Slowly they turned around and spotted me. They didn’t say anything but somehow they shut the door. I thought this was a prank or something so they hooked the room up with wires. I went towards them and asked if they were pranking me. They didn’t reply to me so I went to the door and tried to open it but it was actually locked.


Suddenly they all said the same thing at once in a deep man voice saying, “To open the door you must find the key. Look everywhere.” They gave me the creeps so I immediately started looking everywhere. When I couldn’t find they key, I turned to them to ask if they would help me but they were gone.


I was trapped in there for ages. I started to feel dizzy. I reached for my bag and got my phone. My phone background stated that I could only use it once I unlock the door with the key. I got up and started to run all over the room, tossing chairs over, throwing around papers and made the room a mess. There was no key at all. I banged on the door and arrows came at the door and were so close to hitting me.


Hours passed and I still no sight of a key. My so-called “friends” came back. I tried to touch one of them but some how my hand went right through her. I slight a felt shock after that. My “friends” began to shout loud. They didn’t say anything but they shouted. I was pushed up against the hard wall and nearly got winded. Seems they were ghosts and had powers. I stayed silent hanging against the wall.


After hanging for about ten minutes they dropped me and flung me up in the air and again, they dropped me. I was in so much pain and wanted to go home or just run away forever. Suddenly tons of people appeared with red eyes and looked like they were going to attack me. Just as they came at me, my alarm went off. It was all a dream. I was relieved.




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