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Many families studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford enjoy the homeschool foreign language courses that we provide. These range from Secondary courses for ages 11-13 in French, German and Spanish and IGCSE courses in French, German, Spanish and English as a Second Language.


For a variety of reasons, in recent years, public and private schools have been preparing to remove some language courses from their curriculum. As a result, we are seeing more families turning to Wolsey Hall for homeschool foreign language courses sometimes alongside subjects studied at traditional school.


At Wolsey Hall our students thrive in the modern languages department, and we believe learning an extra language can open new doors in both life and the career world.


“I speak English, so I don’t need to learn another language…”


It is a common myth that most people in the world speak English. Only 5.6 % of the world’s total population speaks English as a primary language.


That number doubles when people who speak English as a second or third language are counted. 339 million people in 106 countries. But that still means that well over 4/5 people do not speak English.


English has grown as a global language since the latter half of the 20th century, and is very important to know either as a first or second language. But this should not stop you also studying another language!


Being “monolingual” (knowing only one language) can limit your educational growth and your communication/ thinking skills. You may miss out on fully appreciating and understanding the world. Learning another language opens broader horizons for travel and careers and gives you new perspectives that you might never have appreciated otherwise.


So, what languages can you study at Wolsey Hall? At IGCSE we offer:


  • Spanish (2nd most spoken language in the world)
  • English (3rd most spoken language in the world)


  • English as a Second Language 
  • German (13th most spoken language in the world) 
  • French (14th most spoken language in the world) 
  • and… Latin! Which is of course the foundation of so many modern languages




2015 – National Average French GCSE vs. Wolsey Hall French IGCSE results


A* – A    24.1 %     (compared to 100 % for Wolsey Hall Students)


A* – C    70.8 %     (compared to 100 % for Wolsey Hall Students)



2015 – National Average Spanish GCSE, vs. Wolsey Hall Spanish IGCSE results


A* – A    29.3 %     (compared to 50 % for Wolsey Hall Students)


A* – C    73.2 %     (compared to 100 % for Wolsey Hall Students)


“A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini, Italian film director


“No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive” – M. Gandhi, Indian spiritual leader


 A person who is capable in other languages can in the future bridge the gap between cultures, contribute to international diplomacy, promote national security and world peace, and successfully engage in international trade if the economy interests them.


As globalization, mobility and internet communications are bringing the world ever closer together, even more pressing is the need for global citizens to be competent in other languages.



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