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Homeschool Maths – What use is Maths?

Homeschool maths courses, whether that be primary, secondary or IGCSE, are the most popular courses taken by our students here at Wolsey Hall Oxford.

We recently came across this article, which asks, “When will I use Math?”and thought it might be of interest to all our homeschool maths students! It features a memorable extract from Jordan Ellenberg’s book How Not to Be Wrong: The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life, which really got us thinking about the importance of maths not just as a subject of study but as a tool for life:


You may not be aiming for a mathematically oriented career. That’s fine—most people aren’t. But you can still do math. You probably already are doing math, even if you don’t call it that. Math is woven into the way we reason. And math makes you better at things. Knowing Mathematics is like wearing a pair of X-ray specs that reveal hidden structures underneath the messy and chaotic surface of the world.


Our homeschool Maths Tutors concur. Maths benefits us in all sorts of ways, says Heidi Watkins – including financially. Heidi suggested several examples of the usefulness of maths in everyday life, from dividing a restaurant bill fairly when eating out with friends to choosing a mobile phone plan: “Just last week I was advised to buy the next model up of a new mobile phone as it was ‘only £9 a month extra’….I quickly pointed out that it would mean an additional £216 by the end of the contract for little more than a larger screen size!”


Another of our homeschool maths Tutors, Beverley Vivian, points out that it isn’t just mathematicians who use Maths regularly at work. “You’d probably be surprised how many jobs require a basic knowledge of maths,” she says. “You can’t get away from maths; shapes, numbers and mathematical concepts are everywhere.”


If you want to equip your child with knowledge that will be useful at every stage of their life, have a look at the Maths courses we offer at PrimarySecondaryIGCSE, and A Level.


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