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Homeschool Poetry Showcase – Lucy Thompson

Our homeschool poetry showcase is a popular feature with many of our students.


Lucy Thompson is studying IGCSE with Wolsey Hall. She is aged 17, lives in County Durham, and loves writing poetry.


Please find below Lucy’s entry into our homeschool poetry showcase – we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading it.



T H E  H I D I N G  P  LA C E

by Lucy Thompson


There was a hiding place,

an icy shadowy eerie place,

filled with mite, beetle and mosquito

grime and gilings covered the ground,


tic, trinkle, trill came the sound,

of the torrent punishing the ground

you must be careful to not make a sound,

as this is a vicinity to not be found,


there was a hiding place,

an ancient ruination cramped place,

not familiar to anyone around,

this covert nook could never be found


for it is the hiding place.




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