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My Best Day Out Competition Winners!

We want to thank everyone for their incredible video and written entries to the My Best Day Out Competition 2019!

We very much enjoyed these insights into your outdoor activities and family life, and how these fun days are possible because you are homeschooling and travelling all around the world much of the time! 

Each entry had it’s own fun qualities, and you can see them on our Youtube playlist here – do share with your friends and family and let us know your favourites!

You can read the written entries on this page via the blue buttons.

The winner of each age category will be awarded £100 by Principal Lee Wilcock, and we added a bonus prize of £50 for the written entries.


Category 1 Winner: Age 13 and over

Salomé: homeschooling in South Africa and Mauritius, age 17


Category 2 Winner: Age 13 and under

Zaineb: homeschooling in Uganda, age 12


Category 3 Winner for two students (they will share a prize of £50): Written pieces

We decided to add an extra prize for the winners of the written pieces

Brothers Chase & Raefe : studying in South Africa, ages 12 & 14

Chase – age 12, South Africa
Raefe – age 14, South Africa



2 responses to “My Best Day Out Competition Winners!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the bonus prize of fifty for ALL the written entries,because I did not know there was a category THREE.

    • Amy Hemingway says:

      Hi there, this time we decided to add an extra prize as a joint prize for Chase and Raefe’s written entries. So it is just for those two students. But all the entries were brilliant it was very hard to choose! Sorry about that, but I’d encourage you to keep entering future competitions as there will be plenty coming up!

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