You will receive a 10% discount where an enrolment is for:

  •  Five or more Primary, Secondary (KS3), or IGCSE subjects;
  •  Three or more Secondary (KS3) subjects over 2 or more years;
  •  Three complete A Level subjects;
  •  The sibling of a new, current or previous student of Wolsey Hall.

What our fees include

•    All the required course books. These fully cover the exam syllabus and/or the English National Curriculum, and are usually endorsed by the relevant exam board;

•    Subscriptions to a range of third party video, film and revision services. These are included with our courses and offer substantial savings over individual subscriptions;

•    Free shipping of course books within the UK and (for most books) India. We will quote for shipping to other destinations;

What our fees include continued....

•    Access to our online learning system, Canvas, which is intuitive and easy to use.  Canvas contains a wide range of resources including a programme of study to guide your child through each subject, quizzes, videos, websites, tutor prepared material, your assignments etc;

•    A specialist Tutor to assess and return your child’s assignments quickly (3 – 5 working days) with full and helpful feedback.  Modern foreign language courses include online tutorials to prepare your child for the oral exam;

What our fees include (continued)

•    A Student Progress Manager (SPM) who will prepare a personal assignment schedule, showing the dates on which your child’s course assignments are due, and keep track of their progress;

•    Your SPM is there to respond to your and your child’s questions and provide advice when needed;

•    Please note: course fees DO NOT include examination fees which must be paid directly to the exam centre.