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Homeschooling in Asia – Poetry Showcase

Our students homeschool in over 90 different countries. Student Roxanne is an AS student homeschooling in Asia with Wolsey Hall Oxford. As an introduction, Roxanne tells us a bit about her life and the courses she is taking whilst homeschooling in Asia. We are delighted to include Roxanne’s poem ‘Debriefing’ in our poetry showcase.


“I’m a 17 year old Aries who lives in Hong Kong. My mother’s side is Chinese from Hong Kong, my father’s side is Japanese from Hokkaido. I grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I miss Thailand. I miss it a lot.


My poem was about my feelings as a suppressed soul. It has a lot to do with my fight for feminism here in Asia, which is a cause I’m very active about.


My entire life has been a roundabout way of saying, ‘you’ll never be good enough,’ and I have seen far too many socially-bound women and girls who do not even raise their heads anymore. From the way I see it, women are treated like second-class citizens in China and in Thailand, worse.


Aside from my discontent with the abstruse patriarchy, I also write a lot about about my muddled identity and my cultural indifference. I grew up far away from my own culture and as of now, am estranged from my heritage and language.


I’m studying English Literature, Psychology and Law AS Levels with Wolsey Hall. Apart from poetry, I am a master at spitting out sick verses and phat rhymes.


My favorite color is yellow. My favorite food is Mac and Cheese.”




by Roxanne Chong


I have never been stardust or

wind chimes or sea glass or

ornaments that glitter in the sun.


And you have never held me like

ceramic or satin or

other holy objects that you worship.


So you always looked at me with

guarded eyesight and touched my

lips with full armoured kisses.


I have always been a lioness.

A dragon with beating wings and

a pounding heart that frightened you.


I am surprised that I did not eat you alive.






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