Homeschooling in Cape Town

It has been an incredible year, and we wanted to share one of our stand-out performances from a student homeschooling in Cape Town.


Nikita Amien  not only achieved excellent IGCSE grades across the board (Biology A*, History A*, English Language A*, Maths A) but also we had this news from her parents:


“Just a note to say “thank you”. We were just advised by Cambridge that:



Needless to say we are very proud of Nikita’s achievements and we very much appreciate your and your team’s support. Regards, E.B. Amien.”


Nikita homeschooling in Cape Town

Nikita Amien – highest score for IGCSE History in South Africa

Nikita is currently studying her A Levels with Wolsey Hall Oxford whilst homeschooling in Cape Town. She will finish her studies at the end of the year. After that she will be taking a gap year and starting a Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.


The following year she hopes to complete her Certificate, as well as beginning a Bachelors in Science. She hopes to major in Biochemistry and Genetics. A highly motivated young student to watch in the future!


In other homeschooling South Africa news, a controversial homeschooling policy has just been approved by the Council for Education Ministers and will become a new law. The policy will provide for the registration, implementation and monitoring of homeschooling across SA.


The policy will make provision for the parent of a learner who is being homeschooled to complete Grade 9 by making use of a private service provider to register for a National Senior Certificate with an independent or private assessment body. The private or independent service provider will make sure that the study material used for homeschooling is of the required standard.


The examination the learner will write through these providers at the end of Grade 12 will be set by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) or the Independent Examination Board, and certified by the Umalusi Council who sets and monitors standards for general and further education and training in South Africa.


The policy will apply to all provinces, and all parents wishing to withdraw their homeschooled child from home education will be required to inform the Head of Department in writing. Read more in the Cape Times.


We loved to hear news from other students homeschooling in Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa, so why not get in touch!




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