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Homeschooling in Morocco – Poetry Showcase


“My name is Daniel and I am 11 years-old. I am British and I am homeschooling in Morocco. I was inspired to write this poem after I did my first poetry unit for English. I wanted to write a creepy poem and it materialised into this.”


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We hope you enjoy Daniel’s poem!


With a creak, and a squeak

The shadow began to creep

The ashes of the fire died

An owl cried


The sharp knife, in the dark hand

Slashed, and the guts sprayed out

An odd word, seemingly old

Was, whispered


The little girl’s gruesome face

Stared, horribly mangled

Her nightdress, soaked with blood

A dead corpse


A distraught pair of parents

Yelling and crying ‘NO!’

Policemen running, frantic

The dead girl.



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