Homeschooling in Namibia

Maribeth, age 14 studying Secondary Level, whilst homeschooling in Namibia. She has been participating in inter-school horse riding shows in Namibia, representing her online homeschooling college, Wolsey Hall Oxford.

We have many students homeschooling in Namibia, and Maribeth is doing a fantastic job representing her college in her trials. She wears a Wolsey Hall cap and top to show that she is a member of her college.

“Every single day I am so glad that I chose Wolsey Hall to homeschool Maribeth. The interest and support that we get from all of you there is NOTHING like we could get at any school here. I really appreciate you.”

Micaela, Maribeth’s mother


“Maribeth won the pony rider Preliminary 2 Dressage. But the competition was not without tribulation. She was competing in the 70 cm precision and speed test when she fell and was taken out the course in the ambulance for x-rays at the local hospital! She was not riding her own horse as he had an eye problem at the time. But in spite of the fall, Maribeth did really well.”


This year Maribeth was in the winning team. Because there were some schools that only had one or two riders, they combined all the riders into four different teams – so some teams had two schools with many riders, and some teams had many schools with few riders.

Photos from the inter-school show held at Reitverein, Swakopmund:

Maribeth has had some tough times over the last two years with a nasty fall at the 2017 schools’ tournament, which put her flat on her back for 6 weeks.

In 2018, due to changing of the horse’s food, she experienced some ups and downs (literally) with the jumping and had to spend much time re-schooling her horse with the lower jumping events.

She was very glad to get back to jumping in the higher classes this time. She competed in the 80 cm class, which all the competitors completed successfully, but was then only one of four that got through the course again when it was raised to 90 cm and the riders jump against the clock – so both precision and speed is necessary. She was very glad to achieve the third place there.  

We are so impressed by Maribeth’s resilience in her chosen sport, and to keep up with her studies at the same time! We wish her the best of luck in her future competitions.

Maribeth’s dramatic performance!

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