Supplementary Education Student Stories

Studying a supplementary subject in the UK

Jimmy is flexi-schooling in the UK. He decided to take A level Computer Science with Wolsey Hall while completing 3 additional A levels.

Home Educating in Italy

Sofia has been homeschooling in Italy with Wolsey Hall since she was eight years old. She’s now 14 and continues to combine her education with Wolsey Hall while also attending a local school. Sofia is now embarking on A Level Maths with us while also studying IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Biology and IGCSE English.

Supplementary education – Gabrielle’s story

South African student Gabrielle chose supplementary education for her A Levels at mainstream school by taking an additional subject with Wolsey Hall. “I did extensive research about the online options available and felt that Wolsey Hall would be a good fit for me. I liked the fact that I could teach all the material to myself and study the way I chose to, while still being able to receive valuable feedback from graded assessment at appropriate intervals. I enjoyed the freedom of that system as opposed to being taught in the more traditional sense.”

Homeschooling supplementary education

Thirteen-year-old Poppy is studying IGCSE Maths with Wolsey Hall as a homeschooling supplemtary education subject while attending a local school in Lebanon.

Homeschooling supplementary subject

Eighteen-year-old Ariana chose to study IGCSE Latin as a homeschooling supplementary subject to widen her choice of university options. Ariana shares her experience of combining this course while also studying her A Levels.

Home education in New Zealand

Jack attends school in New Zealand but also studies Maths and English IGCSE with Wolsey Hall. His mum Michelle explains why they made the decision to combine home education in New Zealand with mainstream school and how it’s working for them.

Tarun has been doing Year 7 and 8 English, Maths and Science with Wolsey Hall. He is enjoying his courses and loves the flexibility the whole homeschooling program brings. He is able to plan his learning at his own pace, and plan his day well to accommodate his other interests of playing the Violin and Piano, reading and playing games. The online material in terms of textbooks, videos, the course plan and support from his tutors is helping him get past his studies with ease. During the peak Covid times when amazon deliveries were stopped the online virtual library of Wolsey was a boon to him as he loves to read.
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Deepali Patel, Secondary Parent


I must say enrolling Nicole at Wolsey Hall has been one of the best decisions we ever made. At school, Nicole's progress remained extremely limited due to lack of support with her learning difficulties. Since being at Wolsey, Nicole's English has come on leaps and bounds, from her spelling, to grammar, to organisation and formats of essays. The amount of time and support Nicole's tutors, Pat and Michelle have invested in Nicole has been fantastic. Nicole's academic knowledge and confidence has soared since being at Wolsey and I am extremely grateful to you all. (Nicole has segmatic pragmatic disorder high functioning autism, as well as suspected dyslexia).
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Michelle Rudge – IGCSE Parent


I have just finished consulting with Michelle about Truman and his studies. She is really an amazing asset to your organization, her ability to understand children really blew me away. She has recommended several methods for us to ensure that Truman enjoys and succeeds in his education through Wolsey Hall. We’re really excited to get started.

Rebecca Atkins – Homeschooling Three Children