History to Inspire

With a little creativity, our suggestions can help make those history lessons jump off the textbook page to really engage you. Bringing history to life with these seven top tips!

Lower Secondary History Course

Art and Design

  • Learn about the artists of the period and country you are studying. Their paintings help show what people looked and dressed like at that time. You could even try to replicate one of their paintings using the same medium.
  • Research and create a costume from the era you are learning about. If you are not quite that handy with a sewing kit, you could research and cook a popular recipe from that time.
  • Build a model from the country or historical period you are studying. Perhaps the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids or the Long Wall of China? Simple playdoh will do or if you are feeling extra creative recycle some household materials like empty plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.
Primary History Course

Timelines to Re-enactments

  • Create an historical timeline to see how certain events fitted together and what different people contributed. You could cover a whole period or focus on a certain topic.
  • Invite some friends over and re-enact a time period. You could serve up the meal you’ve researched, wear your costumes and write your own speeches from the viewpoint of well-known people from the time.
IGCSE History Course

Board Games to Story Writing

  • Design a board game based on a certain time period using renowned historical figures and landmarks. Not sure where to start? Check out our Homemade Board Game
  • Write your own story set in a different time period. You could create a fictional leading character and see them visiting different places and meeting people of the time – what are they experiencing, how do they feel. They could even time travel and cover different eras in one story.

We hope with these top tips you’ll soon be bringing history to life!

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