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The Wolsey Hall mentoring service is designed to help reduce stress and anxiety related to studying which can often lead to poor motivation. Mentoring also helps students who are prone to feeling overwhelmed by their studies and/or exams.

Our mentoring service will help your child to discover their true learning potential and give them a better understanding of how they think and approach tasks. All of which can help to improve their study outcomes and develop their skills as an independent learner.

We also offer a range of other Learning Support services including Study Skills and Special Educational Needs support.

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Michelle Mahoney - Learning Support Manager

Jonathan was struggling with receiving feedback on his assignments. He always wanted to achieve the best grades possible and saw anything less than perfection as a sign of failure. This led to anxiety and poor motivation when it came to submitting his assignments. After a mentoring session, he came to see feedback in a positive light as a way of steadily increasing his skills. His anxiety reduced and his motivation improved considerably.

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Hilary Hill, IGCSE Parent, UK

Support from Wolsey Hall was at all times excellent, in particular from Learning Support Services who were always prompt, efficient and friendly. The motivational sessions were a big help too when my son was struggling at one stage. A few simple suggestions made all the difference.

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