Developing The Skills Needed To Excel

We believe that all of our students should have the opportunity to perform to their full potential. Effective study skills will enable your child to get the most out of their Wolsey Hall courses and achieve better results in their examinations.

A typical study skills session includes support in structuring your child’s work, breaking assignment tasks down into manageable chunks and action planning so targets can be set to help assignment completion.

Our Learning Support Manager will help your child develop their ideas and manage their time much more effectively.

We also offer a range of other Learning Support services including Special Educational Needs support and Mentoring Services.

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Michelle Mahoney, Learning Support Manager

I provided Study Skills support recently to a student who had trouble starting their work. The student was studying a range of IGCSE subjects including: Maths, Physics, Geography and English. After reviewing their timetable of study, we explored together the different demands of each subject. We then worked on a timetable that was themed:grouping together science-based subjects such as maths and physics into one study day. We also set aside a specific study day to cover subjects such as English and Geography which require more writing skills. This allowed the student to develop a routine in his thinking processes rather than shifting between several different processes which can be quite challenging on the brain and affect organisation.

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