Why Study Edexcel GCSE Psychology

This Edexcel GCSE Psychology course is perfect for those who want to learn more about the mind, brain and human behaviour.

This course will focus on debates within psychology and the interrelationships between the core areas of the subject. You will look at how you carry out psychological research, and the different methods such as biological; cognitive; social; developmental and individual differences for doing so. You will develop an understanding of psychological issues and consider how psychology contributes to society.

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IGCSE Course Information

Key Topics Covered in the Course

In this Edexcel GCSE Psychology course the topics you will study include memory, development, psychological problems, the brain and neuropsychology, social influence, criminal psychology and sleep/dreaming. View the  course sample.

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Prior Requirements and Hours of Study

  • Our Edexcel GCSE Psychology course assumes no prior knowledge. It begins from first principles
  • You should allow for up to 150 hours’ study time to complete your Edexcel GCSE Psychology homeschooling course plus additional time for completing assignments. This is an approximate figure which depends on your learning abilities and the pace at which you work
  • We offer Study Skills Sessions for those students who need some extra help managing their studies


The Syllabus and Exam

This course prepares you for Edexcel GCSE Psychology 1PS0.

Edexcel GCSE Psychology exams are only available in May of each year, for both UK & overseas students.

The exam comprises two written papers:

Paper 1: (Paper code: 1PS0/01): This paper lasts 1hr 45m and is worth 55% of your final grade. It tests your understanding of the following topics (Development, Memory, Psychological Problems, The Brain and Neuropsychology and Social Influence).

This paper may also draw on knowledge and understanding of investigations from Research Methods.

Paper 2: (Paper code: 1PS0/02): This paper lasts 1hr 20m and is worth 45% of your final

Section A will focus primarily on Research Methods although it can draw on material from topics 1 to 5 from paper 1. It will contain question types that include calculations, multiple-choice, short-open and open-response questions, and one extended open-response question.

Sections B-F are the optional topics. The two options chosen for this course are topic 6: Criminal Psychology and topic 9: Sleep and Dreaming.

Course Fee

The fee for Edexcel GCSE Psychology is £495 via instalments (initial payment of £103 and 8 monthly instalments of £49).

There is a discount of 5% for payment in full reducing the fee to £470.

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