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The benefits of studying Cambridge Combined Science

Our Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science homeschooling course will give your child the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics within a scientifically coherent syllabus. Combined Science is a single award and will count as one subject.  Note that this course will not provide sufficient background to enable your child to move on to A Level in any of the Sciences.

Your child will learn about the basic principles of each subject through a mix of theoretical and practical studies. As well as focusing on individual sciences, the courses will enable your child to better understand the technological world we live in and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments. This course is a good option if you would like your child to have a grounding in science rather than to take the individual science subjects.


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Key topics covered in the course

Combined Science covers the basic elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics which are detailed under the single subject science course.

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Prior Requirements/Hours of Study

  • Combined Science does not assume prior knowledge. The course begins from first principles
  • Your child should allow for up to 180 hours’ study time to complete the Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science homeschooling course plus additional time for completing assignments
  • We offer Study Skills Sessions for those students who need some extra help managing their studies
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The Syllabus and the Exam

IGCSE Combined Science will prepare your child for the following papers of Cambridge (CIE) Combined Science syllabus 0653

Paper 1:   Multiple choice paper: 45 minutes, (30% of total mark)
Paper 3:   Extended theory paper: 1 hour and 15 minutes, (50%)
Paper 6:   Alternative to Practical paper which will test your familiarity with practical procedures which you will learn during the course: 1 hour, (20%)

Course Fee

The fee for Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science is £495 via instalments (initial payment of £103 and 8 monthly payments of £49) and £470 if paid in full.

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Wolsey Hall Oxford's IGCSE courses are excellent for students who wish to homeschool. The step by step programme of study, with designated textbooks and online resources ensured that my daughter understood the concepts and their application in a logical manner. She also benefitted from completing the assignments and past exam papers. She worked hard... asking questions, getting feedback from her Tutors and sharpening her exam technique. Without the Wolsey Hall Oxford programme, she would not have achieved her fantastic results (six A*'s in her IGCSEs in 2016).

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