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Jogjakarta Community School

As part of our mission to be ‘the world’s local school’, we are always seeking ways to work with individuals and organisations all across the globe. One such partnership is with Jogjakarta Community School (JCS), which was established in September 2012 to provide English Language education for expatriate and Indonesian children in the Jogjakarta area.


JCS is a unique place for children aged from 3 to 17 years, where each child is treated as an individual and taught in small groups. The school fosters a positive approach to life-long learning, encouraging children to embrace new experiences and develop their potential. The school is supported by students’ families and resources in the Jogjakarta area to create a friendly and engaged school community.


This is a unique small-school model that combines online learning with locally-based tuition and mentoring.





Jogjakarta Community School has partnered with Wolsey Hall Oxford to pilot a small school model that combines online learning with locally-based tuition and mentoring. Each student at JCS receives an Individual Study Schedule produced by Wolsey Hall, based on the length of the course and the number of subjects they’re studying.


Using this approach, Chris Scott at JCS is acting as the Wolsey Hall Oxford tutor to students on both Key Stage 3 and IGCSE courses in a mixed age and mixed ability group. The focus of the approach is student-centred learning in which the student is able to pursue courses at his or her own pace – something which is rarely possible in whole class teaching.


Things are going well at JCS, and we recently received an update (and some photos!) from tutor Chris Scott that we wanted to share with our readers, as it’s heartening to see this model being so successfully implemented:




At the recent Parents’ Meeting, there was a strong expression of support for the JCS approach to education. From Early Years-Foundations Stage through to the Secondary Years program, JCS is equipping students not just with knowledge, but helping them to “learn how to learn.”


Parents of Secondary students said that they could see their children taking more responsibility, ownership and independence in their studies. These are important skills that will stand them in good stead not only for future studies, but also their professional lives. As Chris Scott also explained to parents, small schools find it very difficult to provide full secondary programs as the cost of hiring specialist teachers for each subject is prohibitive. JCS addresses this by utilising a distance education provider that gives students the opportunity to access a quality educational program with the support of tutors and classroom teaching.


But distance learning and online modules certainly don’t mean that students spend their time in front of the computer. Key Stage Three students have been doing a unit on Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre. Students stayed at school for an evening study session and prepared food that resembled that eaten in Renaissance times (er, perhaps with the exception of the pizza…).


We wish all the pupils at Jogjakarta Community School the best of luck with their studies!



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