Learning Support Manager

As a qualified teacher in ICT and Literacy, I taught many students who I knew needed further help and guidance beyond what was possible to provide in a classroom environment. I would often question why such students struggled – as many were so talented and bright. Yet when I asked them to read or write they would become anxious and would very often try to avoid the task.

Having completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy I was able to answer those questions. It was clear to me then, as it is now, just how important learning support can be in helping students address the difficulties associated with spelling, reading and writing, whilst developing a positive outlook in terms of their studies.

I am proud to have helped so many students to achieve some sense of success and gain a better understanding of their difficulty. My aim is to empower individuals regardless of ability, circumstance or difficulty, and in doing so, develop essential skills.

Over the years I have worked with a range of students from the age of five through to senior years – all of whom have presented with a wide variety of difficulties – and I will always strive to find a solution that develops the full potential of the student.

Learning Support Services

Michelle Mahoney Talks About Learning Support

Justine WIlliams, Secondary Parent, UK

Hari started studying with Wolsey Hall KS2 (Primary Level) Year 6 which he enjoyed and progressed very well through this stage. When he enrolled onto English KS3 (Secondary Level) Year 7 I noticed he struggled with understanding the lesson plans and also thought he may need extra support with his spelling. I was delighted to find that we could book individual Learning Support Sessions with Michelle Mahoney. Michelle immediately put my mind at ease as she has such a calm and patient manner which Hari found very reassuring. It wasn’t long before we were noticing huge improvements! On the completion of seven 1/2 hour sessions Hari was able to work out most spellings independently and also was starting to understand the lessons with ease. We are near to the end of our second block of sessions and the service has been invaluable, with Hari almost completely working independently through his English lessons and achieving extremely high marks for his assignments. It’s been a worthwhile decision to have had the extra support for him.

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