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My Best Day Out – Competition

Our new student competition is called:


Students are asked to make a short video (1 to 2.5 minutes), or written piece or photograph.

The film/ written piece/ photography must describe and show people your ideal day out. You must then explain what you have gained from this day out, in terms of learning more about your course or just in general. Perhaps it helped you gain more focus or enjoy your subject more! Perhaps it just made you feel healthier or you gained new friends.

Your entry could include event footage, photos from the day out or discussion of the activity itself and why you chose it. Your entry may include how you combine this kind of outdoor activity with your home studies. Do siblings take part too? How do you organise your time?

Your entries can be edited together from several events over time. They may include text or animation. Your family, friends or pets can take part in the action, but the prize can only be awarded to the one student entering the competition.

There are two age categories:

Age 12 and under

Age 13 and over

The prize in each category is £100!

Please make sure to include your name, age and country with your entries and on your video introduction, and to upload your entry to the correct age level within the assignment options.

Please note that if you include any music in the background of your video, you need to have copyright permission or your video may not be viewable in certain countries. Here is a useful library for useable background music:

The judges will consider the professional quality of the entry as well as the student’s chosen activity and the interesting points made!

Some possible ideas to think about:

Are you going on a museum trip or to an art gallery – how may this inspire you?

What kind of daytrips do you take to help learn your subjects?

Do you do experiments out in nature or elsewhere that help you learn new things?

How does this day out improve your general happiness or wellbeing?

Do you have any recommendations for days out for other homeschoolers?

Why do you feel extracurricular (out of study time) activities are important?

If (or when) you were at a traditional school, were you able to have as many fun days out?

Show the world that homeschoolers have a diverse range of activities which help them become better all-round learners! Share with other students great ideas of where to go in your area!

To upload your entry simply click here. You can also email them here. You can re-submit should you need to. Closing date is 31st July 2019.

If you have any questions or problems please email us here.

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