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National Citizen Service – UK

For ages 15-17

Lessons you don’t get in a classroom!


National Citizen Service (in the UK) is ideal for homeschoolers who may need to build up their self esteem or simply have an exciting experience. The NCS programme involves fun team-building activities and is also a great way to earn UCAS points!


NCS is a 2-4 week programme which takes place outside of term-time in the spring, summer and autumn holidays. It had been shown to have a massive impact on young people’s lives.Wolsey Hall Oxford understand that those studying at home may feel they sometimes lack outdoor activities or extra-curricular group hobbies. Especially amongst their own peer group.


Human beings are a social species! Most of the challenges we face in work or life are relational. And today in the age of the internet, the way we interact with eachother has changed dramatically. We actually now have a much wider social network of known and unknown individuals, via social media.


As the world gets smaller, there is an increasing need to successfully interact with people from different backgrounds and countries. So signing up to a programme such as NCS may be a great idea for you and your friends.


“Along with thousands of other people their age, participants enjoy different outdoor activities and develop confidence and skills – especially the teamwork and leadership skills that employers and admission tutors value.


They learn lots, help their local community and perhaps most importantly of all, make new friends, developing socially too. They will take part in ‘two away weeks’ in the summer (or one in the spring or autumn programme) and be given the opportunity to create a project they really care about and bring it to life in their local area.


NCS is accessible to all, regardless of income, ability, educational attainment or ambition. With government backing, costs are capped at £50, and bursaries are available.” Read more

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