22nd Aug 2014

Alumnus Griffin St Hilaire – The UN

Wolsey Hall alumnus, Griffin St Hilaire, remembers what studying with Wolsey Hall was like before the advent of the Internet. Griffin took courses in A Level Economics and Accounting with Wolsey Hall in 1982, whilst continuing to work as a high school teacher in his home country of Dominica, West Indies. Today Griffin works for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland


13th Jan 2014

Travelling Homeschoolers

One of the things we value at Wolsey Hall Oxford is flexibility. Our students come from all over the world, and are able to study in a way that suits their situation, schedule, and goals – even if they’re travelling homeschoolers and constantly on the move, like the Springett family.


18th Oct 2013

Dyslexia Support

Home education can be particularly effective for dyslexic learners - especially if paired with a distance learning provider, who can offer caring dyslexia support and experienced Tutors


17th Oct 2013

Homeschooling with Dyslexia

Many children who have experienced failure or embarrassment at school may try to hide their difficulties for fear of being misunderstood or stigmatised. Homeschooling with dyslexia, however, provides an excellent opportunity for families to nurture dyslexic learners and encourage academic and emotional stability


8th Oct 2013

Homeschooling Trigonometry

If you have even wondered how homeschooling trigonometry might help you in your everyday life, read this post from Wolsey Hall Maths Tutor Heidi Watkins.

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15th Apr 2013

Time Management for Distance Learners

Time management for distance learners is something all students learning from home need to consider. In this post, we aim to quell your fears and show you how, with a bit of careful thought and planning, time management can be achieved and even allow you to reap the rewards in other ares of your life.

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20th Feb 2013

Successful Homeschoolers

Meet two of Wolsey Hall’s bright and ambitious successful homeschoolers…

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1st Feb 2013

Education For Life

Education for life is a term that is often heard but what does it really mean? To focus solely on students' exam results is obviously to miss a trick: surely, as educators, we should also be looking for ways to cultivate these essential qualities of character and provide an education for life.


28th Jan 2013

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Deciding to educate your child at home is a big step to take, and it’s important for both you and your child that you make an informed choice. Here we explore the pros and cons of homeschooling and outline some things to consider before finalising your decision…

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