Our Wartime Prospectus 1943

How much has distance learning changed over the years?


In many ways, drastically. The Internet has completely revolutionised how information is shared and widened the possibilities for anyone interested in furthering their education. But we were interested to note that fundamentally, the “Method of Work” for Wolsey Hall students described in this brochure from 1943 doesn’t differ too drastically from the system we use today to support students learning at home.


For instance, our students still receive individual help where they need it, our Tutors and Directors of Studies still carefully choose our textbooks to be the best available, and students still complete worked exercises (though we now refer to them as assignments) to help them prepare for their exams.


It’s fascinating to think that our students have been successfully learning via this method for 120 years – despite huge, world-changing events and shifts in technology. Below is our abridged wartime prospectus, produced for students during the Second World War.


The cover of Wolsey Hall’s “abridged wartime prospectus”, 1943


Some press opinions about Wolsey Hall, 1943


“Method of work” – from our 1943 prospectus of courses!



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