Charlie Wilson

BA, SEN Co-ordinator

Subject: English, Maths, Science

After volunteering at the school where my mum was a teacher, I knew I wanted to work with children and to create an environment where they would be excited to learn and grow.

Within a school, you would most likely find me wearing wellies and digging the soil over in gardening club, leading the school choir or setting up science experiments (which could be rather messy but absolutely worth it). Outdoor learning is something I have always felt is incredibly important and when teaching in the woods nearby to the school, I could see the positive impact it has on children and families.

I have taught in Primary schools for eleven years and during this time I have worked in all year groups from EYFS to Year 6. Getting to know every child and learning how to support them to reach their potential is incredibly rewarding. My training and qualification in Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordination has given me a deeper understanding of how children learn and how to ensure the needs of individual learners are met.

I enjoy writing and think oral storytelling is the key to getting children writing down their ideas. I also like to use drama and stories to help teach history whether it be re-enacting a Viking feast or a day in the life of a Victorian school child. Science and technology are favourite subjects of mine too; we all need to be more creative with the way we use technology and who could fail to be fascinated with our wonderful world? 

When I’m not teaching, I am a community reporter and presenter on a local radio station. I feel very lucky that I get to interview people about their lives and share information about community projects, cultural experiences and promote channels of support with others. Choosing the tracks for my show is something I look forward to each week too as music is something I use to relax and to inspire me.  

My goal is to support children to become whatever it is they want to be. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your journey.

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