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David Hillman


Subject: Physics

I am an experienced teacher, having been teaching Physics and Maths in Oxford colleges and schools for many years. I have very much enjoyed teaching students of all backgrounds and abilities. I ensure students feel motivated, unstressed and growing in confidence.

I feel it is important that I not only explain things clearly but that I also identify misunderstandings and clear them up sympathetically. I read widely and try to keep up with the latest developments in the sciences. I enjoy walking and writing, including writing poetry.

I am originally from Cornwall, away from the crowds in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain, and I have since lived in Brighton, Liverpool, and Oxford. I went to Brighton in the late 1960s to do a degree in Physics and Mathematics, later came to Oxford to do another degree (this time in Modern History), then went to Liverpool for a year to do a postgraduate certificate of Education, but because I had come to love Oxford so much, I returned here to teach.

I have two daughters, who work for the Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, and a grandson who is just over a year old, and who keeps me busy a couple of afternoons a week. My own interest in science began when I was about eleven years old. I liked Science both for its practical usefulness and for the fascination of its ideas and its explanations of how the world works.

People become interested in Physics for many different reasons. One interest of mine is its overlap with philosophy. I like to know what motivates my students and see if there is a way to help and encourage this. I encourage students to ask questions. Never be afraid to say you do not understand a statement or an explanation. Asking questions is the way you eventually learn.

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