Denise Coker


Subject: Art, English, Maths & History

I have been lucky enough to teach in many different environments; from a large junior school in Essex, to supply teaching in bustling inner-city schools, to quiet valley schools, to one-to-one tuition from my home. All of these experiences have come with the most wonderful rewards. I thrive on working with young people, the enthusiasm that they bring to tasks and the wonder that they feel when they learn something new.

As a young girl, I did very well in Mathematics. However, I did not flourish in the subject when I progressed into secondary school. It took the skills of a patient and creative teacher to remove the mental block I had created for myself. I was inspired to become a teacher, and the love of maths that I had felt in primary school returned, so much so that I did my Bachelor of Education in Mathematics. Part of my teaching experience has been supporting children with dyslexia, and this has been exceptionally gratifying.

I am an avid reader, loving all genres, although I have a particular love for detective stories or period dramas. I am lucky enough to live in part of the world that seems to have a castle, manor house or Roman ruin everywhere I look! This has fed my love of history, and my family and I are often out exploring or researching historical stories. I also love myths and legends and how they can be tied into historical facts.

I have two teenage children who keep me busy and active, one sharing my love of literature and the other sharing my love of history. In any spare time, I can usually be found drawing, mostly charcoal portraits, some of which I have been fortunate enough to have displayed in art shows. I also teach art and I am in my own right a portrait artist.

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