Emily Wells


Subject: English, Geography, History, Maths, Science

As a child I really enjoyed school and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood studies, I began a PGCE in London where I would stay for the first few years of my teaching career.

During my time as an educator, I have taught a variety of subjects in the Primary curriculum to a wide range of learners and have taught in very different schools across England. Currently, I am a Year 6 teacher in the North of England. I love that every child is different and it’s always a pleasure getting to know each child and helping them learn and develop. I am always adapting my teaching styles and explanations to help each child individually and I love it when that ‘light bulb’ moment arrives. No matter what the challenges are in education, doing everything I can for a child and seeing them succeed is what makes it all worthwhile.

I love to teach English and Maths and am always thrilled to know that the things I teach can be used by children for the rest of their lives. What a privilege it is to impact a person in such a way.

When I’m not teaching, I love reading, and being outdoors walking my dog in the North Yorkshire countryside! As a family we love nothing more than traveling, sailing and skiing.

I cannot wait to share this journey with you and your child and look forward to helping them achieve the best they can be!

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