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H. Clements-Wheeler


Subject: Geography

Geography has been my passion since I was at secondary school. I enjoy its breadth and hopefully in your Wolsey Hall studies I will help you feel the same way too!

I have taught Geography since 1997, in class for 17 years and then online when I retired from the classroom in 2014. I have been a subject leader since 1999 and have taught Geography at secondary level throughout my career. My specialism is Meteorology, and this was the subject area of my first Masters degree.

I gained my BA in Geography from the University of Birmingham, and also an MSc and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Geography, Secondary). My school merged with a school for Deaf children, so in 2004 I trained as a Teacher of the Deaf and taught deaf children alongside hearing children for five years.

Later in my teaching career I was lucky enough to train other staff and undertook my second Masters degree in Mentoring and Coaching, graduating from Worcester in 2015. This developed my listening skills and meant I was able to watch hundreds of other teachers’ lessons. This was as interesting for me as it was useful for them. I was able to see a massive range of strategies and ways of learning that had not been in my tool kit up to that point.

I have become a senior examiner for several UK exam boards. I have been fortunate enough to study for a qualification in assessment at the University of Cambridge. As I set GCSE and A Level exams, as well as mark and moderate them, I understand examination specifications very well. I also write specifications too, so I understand the assessment objectives that underpin them. As an examiner for IGCSE Geography I know the approach needed to score well on the papers, and so will be able to give invaluable insight to improve your grades.

Away from teaching I have travelled widely. I have visited five of the world’s continents including Antarctica and I have visited over 35 countries worldwide. I love learning about our world and seeing it too. My thirst for knowledge is insatiable so I am learning Spanish as a hobby! I have three step-children who are all teenagers. They have diverse interests and have helped me learn about different types of people. My eldest daughter is about to leave for university to study Costume Design, whereas my youngest two are much more into Maths and Science.

I am really looking forward to enthusing about Geography with you. No matter what question you have I am looking forward to supporting you – just drop me an email and I will do all I can to help.

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