Jane Wilson

BEd, MEd

Subject: Primary Subjects

During the last 24 years, I‘ve been lucky enough to teach a range of students in Northern Ireland, England and the United States. I gained an interest in educational technology when I was ICT coordinator in England, and this grew exponentially during my time in America.

I’ve always incorporated a balance of traditional teaching with educational technology. One of the highlights of the last few years has been my involvement in teaching and coordinating S.T.E.M. robotics, enabling pupils to discover the practical implications of marine conservation, beach erosion and environmental science.

As well as being a Tutor I’m also a classroom teacher, curriculum leader and Key Stage 2 coordinator. I thoroughly enjoy tutoring all subjects and helping students to make cross-curricular connections. Much of my career has been at Key Stage 2 (Primary) Level. This has allowed me to provide inter-disciplinary opportunities, such as supporting students in exploring a historical event through scientific research, and incorporating mathematical problem solving to enrich their studies.

It’s fascinating to see the connections students make between other cultures while they are studying geographical landforms and developing their map skills. My passion for teaching Geography stemmed from my teenage years when I competed in orienteering events around Europe. This love of adventure followed me into adulthood through mountaineering, running, yoga and CrossFit.

Throughout my career, I have continued to learn alongside my students as I believe it is vital for them to see their teacher as a lifelong learner. As well as completing a Masters degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, I have also attained endorsements in Gifted and Talented Education, Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Special Education.

Helping pupils reach their full potential and enriching their educational experiences is my ultimate goal.

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