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Janette Wilson


Subject: Business Studies

I graduated from Queen’s University in 1996 as a Business Studies teacher. Since then I have delivered Business, Economics and Accounting at GCSE and A Level, Maths at GCSE and French at Key Stage 3. I have taught in Secondary and Further Education sectors.

I feel fortunate to have Key Stage 3 and GCSE Maths teaching experience, as this has provided me with an invaluable insight into the common difficulties that some pupils face with numeracy. This has informed my GCSE and A Level Business Studies teaching and made me a better educator. While I enjoy many aspects of Business, I have a particular interest in international business, accounting and finance.

I enjoy supporting others, establishing a positive rapport and building trust with my pupils. I love the ‘light bulb’ moments and the sense of achievement experienced by those I teach, whether that is in the classroom or one-to-one tutoring.

I am adaptable and happy to step outside my comfort zone. At university, I took a French language module, which led to an unexpected year abroad, teaching English in a French school in Paris. This taught me a lot, widened my horizons and opened up my approach to teaching, language and other cultures. I also used the year to carry out research for my final year Business dissertation and wrote a thesis on export possibilities for Irish crystal in France, conducting fieldwork in French. It is an experience that I use to encourage pupils to believe in themselves, work hard, and embrace life’s exciting opportunities when they arise.

My interest in teaching and inspiring others comes from my positive school and college background. I look forward to inspiring Wolsey Hall students and helping them achieve their potential.

Outside of teaching, I really enjoy cycling and have some fabulous scenic routes that I love to explore. I like to combine cycling with fund raising for charity. I took part in a London charity event twice and cycled 100km at night to raise money for women and cancer. I also love to travel and explore many places with my husband and three children.

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